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What does it take to make us realise that our children need us to take good care of ourselves? I ask myself this question constantly, wondering how else I can urge clients to look after their own health. It’s a hard one – I totally get how difficult it is to think of ‘self’ when […]

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when your plate is too full

Sure, you know you are stressed. But do you know exactly where that stress is coming from… and, what you can do about it? As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist it is my job to listen to people and help them make sense of their issues. However, Counsellors themselves are not exempt from life’s bumps and storms. […]

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counselling? you’re soaking in it!

In spite of what you’ve seen on TV or at the movies, visiting a therapist isn’t an admission that you’re somehow crazy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Not everyone has been to counselling. But, I sometimes have to remind myself that many people are not even open to it. I first went to a […]

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mind full… or mindful?

When your child has just been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder… or even if you’re further along the journey and someone suggests you take time out for yourself… many of us are screaming on the inside “oh yeah! WHERE do I fit that in?” With children on the spectrum, even the thought of Meditation […]

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caring for the carer

Whether it’s due to obsessive habits, oppositional behaviours, delayed speech, hyperactivity, non-responsiveness, selective eating, sleep problems, digestive issues, seizures… or trying to reconcile the ambiguity of what lies ahead – it’s safe to say that most ASD parents know what it is to be on high alert. According to a government review (Roberts & Prior […]

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